About Us

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT - Helping You Get More Business!
We don't want to call ourselves an SEO company or a Web Design Company or a Social Marketing Company or yadda yadda yadda. Those things are just some of the tools in our toolbox. 

Really what we are is a company that helps small businesses grow. We look for hungry small business owners who understand the importance of getting new clients and growing locally.

We never want to make money from anybody who doesn't make money from our services. In fact, we want our services to pay for themselves. Bottom Line.

It's simple...all businesses no matter how big or complicated are predicated on two things, Leads and Sales. And as long as there are enough leads then the sales will cover the cost of running the business. That's just common sense but small business owners are busy and can get lost to this fact while running the minutia of their businesses. 

Ours is a hands-free service. All you have to do is answer your phone and provide your service. Let the experts run your web precense so you can concentrate on closing more clients!

It's time to Stop Letting Your Business Work You like a heavy bag...Hire Us and make your business Work For You!

"No seriously. I'm gonna give you free business and then you're gonna call me back and beg me to work with you.
Why? Because MONEY! I just gave you FREE MONEY.

The only reason you wouldn't ask me to work with you is because you hate money and that's just downright wrong!

We give you 'Results Up Front' so you know without a doubt that we can do what we say we can do and that's Make You Money!

It's smart business and that's just how we do it.”

Edward T. Aiken Owner Alee Designs
ALEE Designs LLC - Local Web Marketing Experts


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