A. Lee Russell (She/Her)

Product Designerd, UX Strategery, User Experienced
and Developer-ish.

Working within the private and public sectors to provide guidance, ease and
efficiency in digital products through Design, UX Strategy & Research, Process Development and people herding.
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Working with Calibrate Health's Clinicians & Coaches

Clinicians, Coaches and Member Experience Users need an all in one platform to manage and administer the Calibrate Program. In creating Calibrate Central, we're helping change the way the world treats weight

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USCIS - Improving Immigration and Biometrics Processing

I worked as a UX Lead and as an individual contributor to re-design CPMS and solve multiple existing user experience issues within the software. In addition to this I helped the contract streamline existing processes for UX research, improve designer and developer relationships, gather requirements and develop a design system.

b the crew app

B The Crew - Communication & Collaboration in Caregiving

Family members must find and negotiate with service providers, navigate the healthcare system, and work with family and friends to enlist and mobilize support.

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USCIS - Standardizing Help Documentation

Modernizing help documentation for the Customer Profile Management System


Mentee - Managing through Mentorship

The first few days of a new job are not only crucial to employees learning what they need to know to be successful, but they also set the groundwork for creating cohesive and well-integrated teams for managers and provide the foundation for employee retention and satisfaction within the company.

Terraframe - Re-designing hierarchy creation.

Tracking Malaria cases in South East Asia and re-designing how those government organizations created and connected hierarchies and the complex data associated with each dataset.

Abueliving - A website for intergenerational living

Building communities that bring together young and elderly people have been shown to have positive effects on both generations.  With intergenerational co-living the Fundacion Roure in Barcelona created a program that worked with psychologists, colleges and elderly people to match college students in need of housing with an elderly counterpart.